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zero. today, he issued an ultimatum to the imam in charge of that project. >> reporter: it has quickly become a back and forth public confrontation between pastor terry jones. jones had proposed burning copies of the koran in protest of the cultural center and mosque near ground zero. on thursday, the issue seemed headed toward a come prom. jones announced he would put plans to burn copies of the holy book on hold and announced he would travel to new york to meet with the imam. but raul said there are no plans to move and no meeting planned with jones. today jones along with a new minister joining his cause, stepped up demands, calling for a meeting and set a deadline. >> as of this time, we have not heard from the imam but we are still very, very hopeful that we will meet with him. >> reporter: pastor jones, the leader of a christian church with fewer than 50 members in
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gainesville, florida, is at the center of what has now become a worldwide firestorm. in the past 24 hours, local christian leaders in florida showed jones a petition with 8,000 signatures from 97 countries, urging him not to burn the koran. the defense secretary robert gates called jones personally. and in a press conference today, president obama once again urged jones to reconsider what he called the dangerous game with american lives. >> the idea that we would burn the sacred texts of someone else's religion is contrary to what this country stands for. >> one protester in afghanistan was shot and killed. and nearly a dozen others heard in demonstrations throughout the region. near ground zero, emotions and tensions are heightened every year, leading up to the 9/11 anniversary. this year with religious and political controversy now on top
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of that. police have added around the clock patrols here at the proposed site of the islamic center and security in and around ground zero has been increased. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> even though burning of the koran may not happen, local leaders of many faiths say this crisis is not over and they're calling for an international day of revv presence and respect for all faith and all holy books. several religious leaders gathered on capitol hill to announce their plan for this sunday. >> the tragedy that occurred at ground zero was born out of hate and extremism. a new era will only be born out of love and cooperation. >> the leaders say those in the muslim and the christian communities are all people of god's word and each needs to respect the other's beliefs. president obama will commemorate tomorrow's ninth anniversary of september 11 at the pentagon.
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he marked the occasion that this same location last year to remember the day americans lost their lives in the terrorist attack. vice president joe biden will travel to new york city for the 9/11 memorial events there. first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will attend the ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania. as part of the 9/11 observances, students at langley high school in mclean planted nearly 3,000 american flag at the entrance to their school. that's one flag to represent a person killed in the terrorist attacks on september 11. there will be events all over our area honoring 9/11. howard county will host a wreath laying ceremony at centennial park in columbia at about 8:45 tomorrow morning. in d.c., the national guard will be hosting the home town heroes salute. it starts at 10:00 a.m. at the d.c. national guard armory on east capital street. in virginia, the police and fire departments are holding a road
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dedication. a portion of washington boulevard adjacent to the pentagon will be renamed the 9/11 heroes memorial highway. you can get more information on all of these events by visiting just search 9/11 events. it's feeling a lot like fall out there but we could get some showers this weekend. >> yeah. let's check in with doug kammerer. are we still on for sunday with a little rain? >> we're still on for sunday with a little rain. maybe a little more rain now. that rain may actually last through part of the evening hours. a lot of people don't want to hear that. let's show you what's happening. first off, 75 degrees. that's the current temperature. the humidity around 39%. we have seen a lot of cloud cover across much of the area today. especially from the district up toward the north. right now on live digital doppler, no rain to talk about. it will be dry the rest of the night. it will be dry tomorrow as well. the temperatures out there, a little on the cool side. 75 in d.c. 71 cool degrees in annapolis. down toward culpepper, no clouds there. plenty of sunshine. that has bumped the temperatures
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to that region to around 81 degrees. la plata at 75. tonight, 69 degrees around 9:00 with a few clouds left. then we will see clearing skies. 61 by 5:00 a.m. 62 by 7:00 a.m. with men of sunshine. as we make our way into the weekend, of course, sunday all eyes right now on fed-ex field. possible light shower or two. but again, the key word there is, two key words, ladies, possible, and light. >> throws goose are good. possible and if they do happen, they'll be light. the redskins are kick off their season in a big way. a showdown of the arch rivals, the dallas cowboys. and fans from both teams are preparing for the big match-up. elaine reyes has been gauging the excitement around the region as the showdown quickly approaches. >> well, the trash talk meter has exploded and both redskins
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and cowboy fans aren't taking anything less than a win. >> we're going to win. >> dallas cowboy fans for life. >> the moment is here. training camp, preseason games, over. on sunday, it counts. the redskins fans, they would love nothing more than to be one of the team they hate the most. >> come sunday, they belong to us. we have a new coach. we have new players. and we're going to beat the cowboys. no ifs, ands or buts about it. >> they have men or tormenters. they have their share of cowboy fans. also confident for a win. >> a win. 28-0. done. we own this here. 13 straight games. that's all i got to say. >> 50/50 redskins and cowboys. and we've got a bet going to see who is going, ending up coming
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to work on monday. because you know, it's a shame when you come in and your team lose. >> the big game kicks off at 8:20 sunday night. reporting from fed-ex field. elaine reyes, news4. the redskins' cheerleaders traveled to new york to made an appearance on the "today" show. they also got to dance with the country band sugar band performed. and you don't have to worry about getting home in your car if you take metro after the game. metro is staying open later and will add more cars to help fans get home after the game. the trains won't stop running until 1:00 on monday morning. iyou can't make it to the game, tune in right here on nbc 4 to catch all the action. coverage begins at 8:15. sunday night football right here on nbc 4 beginning at 8:15.
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>> that's friday. we had a short week but at times it felt like a long week. let's see how the traffic was moving as people get home. >> hey, guys. this afternoon people are inching around in some stretches and shockingly nope others. let's look at the capital beltway. the inner loop almost surprisingly is doing fine off the american legion bridge. kind of giving drivers false hope. it will be jammed solid from the gallows road interchange from 60 and 66. outer loop already stacked up. those delays will take you toward the toll road before they taper off. as we continue around inner loop drivers still have delays past connecticut avenue toward the college park area where things finally do open up. along 270, you'll find some good news as you make your way past, well, that's montgomery village. you can see the grass is lovely there. at montrose road, things are moving. fortunately no major accidents.
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that's what you're looking at to make it toward frederick. no accidents. a lot of company heading north on 270. back to you. a traffic alert for anyone who uses the 14th street bridge. get ready to experience yet another lane shift next week. on monday morning, the entire left shoulder of the bridge will be closed to traffic. as you can see on this graphic, traffic will be able to get by on the four right lanes. this marks the halfway point of the construction project. you can expect delays as drivers adjust to this new traffic pattern. with just four days to go before the d.c. mayoral primary, there are allegations some people may be getting paid to vote. they clashed over the issue in a debate today. megan mcgrath was there and has the details. >> reporter: the mayor's race is really starting to heat up with a few more days to go before the primary. early voting is underway.
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it has been for several days now and there is some controversy associated with that. vincent gray is calling for a federal investigation into allegations that fenty supporters are trying to buy votes offering either cash or the promise of jobs to constituents out there. now vincent gray and adrian fenty both appeared on the politics program with mark plotkin on the radio this morning and they addressed the allegations. >> and there is no evidence despite the denials of the spokesperson for the mayors. there is evidence this man went down and registered that day and voted that day. the board of elections, this is an attempt in the last four or five days of the election to completely shift what people should be thinking about. what people want to think about. that is who is the most competent person to run the city over the next four years? >> reporter: during his remarks, vincent gray promised his administration would be more inclusive than what has been seen the last several years.
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as for adrian fenty, he said he has learned from his missitakes and he has heard the criticism. >> d.c. mayor adrian fenty said it would be ridiculous not to ask for an endorsement but he said it would be ridiculous to think the president would endorse mayors. fenty was an early supporter of president obama's campaign and he said if we president, he would not offer endorsements in mayoral races. earlier he said he personally reached out to the president for an endorsement but he would not say who he talked with at the white house. when news4 at 4:00 continues, it happened in a matter of minutes. an explosion sparked massive fires in a california neighborhood. the latest from the scene. and new guidelines aimed at saving lives. the fax cracks down on pilot fatigue. you may be seeing a lot of teal toe nails but there is more than just color behind the
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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it remains unclear whether iran will release one of the three american hikers who have been detained there for more than a year. this week iranian authorities were saying they would release sarah shourd tomorrow on compassionate grounds to mark the end of the islamic holy month of ramadan.
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but there are reports that tehran's prosecutor has canceled that release, citing an incomplete legal procedure. shourd's mother said her daughter has health problems. she's been denied medical treatment while in prison. the white house has called on iran to release all three hikers. >> these are three innocent children. innocent kids. who committed no crime. all three of whom should be released and released immediately by the iranian government. >> shourd and her colleague shane becauser and josh fattal were accused of spying when they were captured 13 months ago. president obama 200ed his economic agenda during a rare news conference today. he went over his plan to get america out of the reselling and get america back to work. >> reporter: with democrats worried about the losses this
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fall, president obama was on the defensive blaming tough economic times he inherited while offering understanding that there is still work to be done. >> for all the progress we've made, we're not there yet. that mean the people are frustrated. >> reporter: the president voicing his own frustration as he pushed republicans to help the bill to aid small businesses. >> we could this month give every american certainty and tax relief up to $250,000 a year. why hold it up? why hole the middle class hostage? >> reporter: the president said the economy would be his primary focus moving forward. as for the republican response, house minority leader sgrainer said the proposals and political attacks won't tend uncertainty that it is keeping small businesses from creating jobs. nbc news, the white house. >> the president said one of his plans to help american
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businesses is to allow them to write off all of their investments. the federal aviation administration plans to change the rules for rest periods. the goal is to prevent crashes from pilot fatigue. currently they are required to have eight hours of rest between shifts but the clock starts when the pilots leave the plane. some pilots point out it takes time to get out of the airport and check into a hotel. now the faa wants to change the rule to require nine hours of rest with the clock starting when the pilot reaches the hotel. coming up on news4 at 4:00, a river of mud consumes a town square in italy. we have new pictures from the scene. and the situation, petition denied. we'll tell you hue shunne
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what a gorgeous day. just as you predicted. >> suddenly it just came in and looked a little threatening but it wasn't anything. >> not threatening at all. these are low to mid level clouds today. they just did enough to help keep the temperatures down and make it feel a little bit cooler out there as well. this morning, around 9:00,
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10:00, it was beautiful. the clouds rolled in. there they are right there across the area. some areas seeing cloud cover. others seeing men of sunshine. and the difference there is about a five-degree temperature difference as well. we're sitting at 75 degrees with the partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the humidity around 39%. winds out of the north, northwest at about eight miles per hour. as far as what we've been seeing, take a look at the cloud cover. watch what happens. the sun come up, heats up the land and we get the cloud cover moving in around 10:00 in the morning. just about everybody seeing the clouds with the exception of our south and west areas. culpepper, sharlsville mark nasa as seeing some sunshine. look at the different temperature. culpepper at 82. the district at 75 with those clouds. and hagerstown which has seen a lot of cloud cover, around 72. that's a ten-degree difference. what are we going to see today. i think the clouds will get out of here as we lose the sunlight. we'll lose the daytime heating and say goodbye to the clouds. and then we'll have to watch what's happening back to the
4:22 pm
west. the high pressure is dominating, some nice weather. here comes the frontal boundary. the remnants of hermine. that will bring in some shower activity during the day on sunday. right now, i think most of the activity will happen before the 3:00 hour. then even after 3:00, some of the newer computer models want to linger the system off the coast here and give us a slight chance. shower activity through the 8:00, 9:00 hour. that could be for the redskins game on sunday night. i do not think it will impact the game. right now i think we should be a-okay. partly cloudy this evening. comfortable, 69 to 74 degrees as you wake up. a nice morning. a little on the cool side. still fall-like. 59 in the city. as we make our way into the next couple of days, the four-day forecast showing temperatures tomorrow. 78 to 80. tomorrow is a great day. get out and enjoy it.
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that's how nice it will be. sunday, 75 degrees with those showers. again, most of those should be early in the day. monday, tuesday we dry out. temperatures, 82 to 80 degrees on your tuesday. so a pretty nice forecast. we do need to see some rain. nobody wants to see that rain during game. >> we'll hope that it will. >> if it is light -- >> if anything it will be light. i think we'll be fine. >> thanks a lot. take a look at this. a river of mud in a village in southern italy. the news clip of the video as the mud slides carry the debris through the main square. cars were stacked on each other, blocking the entrance to stores and restaurants. a woman is still missing after the coffee bar where she worked was hit by this mud slide. more rain is expected in the coming days. let's find out what's happening on the roads. >> ashley, how is it looking? >> wenty and barbara, we have significant delays. they win to stack up around the
4:24 pm
region. around the beltway, no problems around georgetown road but as soon as you go over the top of 270, the slow pace is outer loop drivers and they will continue to be slow making their way toward river road. the outer loop is on the closest side of the screen. and then across the american legion, the delays continue for both sides of the beltway. the outer loop does open up. then back on the brakes, from 66 to route 50, inner loop drivers mirroring those delays. 60 to 66 and then solid as you make your way from the toll road all the way around toward silver spring. when i say solid, i'm not just saying it for dramatic effect. look at this. this is georgetown road inching along. making it over toward connecticut, you get a little more pep in your step but nothing worth writing home about. then continuing all way through college park. the pace finally, not by university boulevard but finally making your way toward new hampshire avenue. the pace starts to improve and then to 95 northbound, you're back in the clear. 95 out of virginia. not too bad leading the
4:25 pm
springfield interchange but steady, leaving lorton into wood bridge. back to you guys. still to come, the search for survivors and answers. plus, an easy -- >> what's the best way to store your medications? that's the question. the answer is coming up on "ask liz." it is an easy pattern to fall into. more and more americans munching instead of lunching. doctors say snacking isn't necessarily a bad thing. stay with us.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility
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for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm barbara harrison. will he or won't he? pastor terry jones worked his
4:29 pm
way through the news cycle by issuing an ultramateum to the imam. he gave him two hours to set up a meeting or said he would burn the koran. apparently he had a change of heart when two hours later his deadline had not been met. a minister negotiating for him has said jones agreed not to carry out his threat. >> it is not clear whether iran will actually release detained american hiker sarah shourz. this week iranian said said an incomplete legal procedure has led them to kansas that he will release. shourd and two fellow hikers were detained 13 months ago. they've been accused of spying, something they deny. football fans are gearing up for the redskins season. fans on both sides are hoping for a big win. you can watch the game sunday night right here on nbc 4.
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with just four days to the primary, the d.c. mayoral candidates face off. mayor fenty and vincent gray clashing over new allegations. the people have been paid to vote. this is last weekend before early voting closes on monday and the primary is on tuesday. at least four people are dead and dozens injured after that explosion rocked a suburban san francisco neighborhood. >> that explosion last night was fueled by a ruptured gas line. mike has the latest from san bruno, california. >> reporter: it erupted into an inferno as it engulfed the san bruno neighborhood in flames. 38 homes, destroyed. >> just shook your body. you could feel the intensity of the fire. i never felt anything like it. >> reporter: blazes as high as 100 feet in the air as the fire leapt from house to house. the explosion could be heard for miles sending residents fleeing for safety. >> you could see flames, people running down the street.
4:31 pm
so in the car. everyone get in the car. >> reporter: more than 150 firefighters battled the flame from the ground while planes dropped retardant from the air. at time the 15 acre inferno looked more like a forest fire. not the center of a suburban san francisco neighborhood. >> it was pretty devastating. in my year the oakland fire, it looks like a moon shape in some areas. >> reporter: residents retreated. some finding their home still standing. >> that greenhouse, right? it looks like everything on that side looks like gone. >> reporter: hospitals are treating nearly two dozen patients, three are listed in critical condition as the investigation into the cause of the explosion intensifies. >> we know that a natural gas line ruptured yesterday around 6:24 p.m. but we don't know what caused it. or what happened.
4:32 pm
we will find out soon. >> reporter: now that the flames are out, firefighters are back in the neighborhood trying to determine if it is safe for residents to return while the emotional devastation of this community is only just beginning. in san bruno, california. nbc news. >> at least four firefighters have been injured and several local state and federal agencies are offering support from, to the fire victims. hundreds of people are being allowed to return to their homes in boulder, colorado, after a massive wildfire prompted evacuations yesterday. the fire has destroyed about 170 homes. more than any other wildfire in colorado's history. fire crews were able to keep the fire from spreading overnight after high winds died down. but they're expected to pick back up this afternoon. so more evacuation warnings could be in store. new details on the woman who is accused of shooting and killing two of her co-workers at a kraft food plant in
4:33 pm
philadelphia yesterday. police say 43-year-old yvonne hiller had a series of altercations with her colleagues before she allegedly shot them. she was suspended from the plant yesterday. investigators say she returned with a gun after that and is now facing charges that include two counts of murder and attempted murder. the justice department is considering its options following yesterday's court ruling on gays in the military. lawyers for the government say the u.s. district judge in california does not have the authority to declare the military's don't ask don't tell policy unconstitutional. the judge granted an injunction halting the policy. don't ask don't tell was enacted during clinton presidency allowing gays to serve but not be open about their lifestyle. judge phillips says the policy doesn't impact military readiness. one of the government's arguments for keeping it. president obama supports eliminating the policy. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00.
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is snacking the new lunch? new evidence that it is replacing real meals. and more women are painting their ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day.
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for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. a beautiful friday. not that there's any such thing
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as an ugly friday. fridays are always beautiful and it help that the sun is out. >> we had a little sun in the beginning today. and it has clouded up. >> clouded up? this is from a completely different system. the clouds will get out of here this evening. we're looking at another fantastic day. i think tomorrow, saturday is going to be a lot nicer than it was today. and really the right day to get out and about. there is that mixture of sun and clouds. we'll call this mostly. mike is blue skies. mostly more sunshine as the evening progresses. right now, temperature sitting in the 70s. 75 degrees so far for the high temperature. humidity around 39%. winds out of the north northwest at 8 miles an hour. they've calmed down. frederick at 77. look at that. 81, they have not seen the clouds. everybody else has seen them. maryland coming in with a cool 71 degrees. you can see a few clouds moving in to the area. more importantly, off to the
4:38 pm
west. some rain showers are making their way toward the region and we will see that rain. but not any time soon. nice weather today. we'll see more nice weather tomorrow. i think an even better day tomorrow. then that area of low pressure will make its way in here during the day on sunday. we are going to see a good chance for rain. we need to see the rain on sunday but we also need to see a redskins victory on a dry field. so possible light shower but i'm not expecting much. game time temperature around 73 degrees. festivities get underway about 3:00. the kickoff after 8:20 as the redskins kick off the first game of the season. i just love that scheduling. isn't that perfect? this evening, partly cloudy, comfortable. 69 to 74 degrees. we make our way through the day. tomorrow morning, mostly clear. another cool morning. still fall-like. 59 in the city. and then your day tomorrow, looking at temperatures to the 80-degree mark. get out and enjoy it. as we move through the day, there is that chance of rain on sunday. i think it should be out of here for the most part by game time.
4:39 pm
and then monday and tuesday looking spectacular once again. >> okay. thank you. >> you're welcome. if you find yourself snak more often than you used to, you're not alone. a new trend has a lot of people ditching traditional meals and grabbing a snack. with the right choices, it can be a good way to lose weight but they caution it is important to watch what you are putting in your mouth. >> i actually think snacking can be a very healthy trend. if it is used correctly. you need to plan your snacks as importantly as you need plan your meals. a number of fast food restaurants are picking up on this and offering smaller sizes. smaller portions. le see a spike in afternoon sales. the "wall street journal" says mcdonald's most popular snack items include coffee drinks, smoothies and snack wraps. a cancer survivor is starting a new campaign to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.
4:40 pm
it is called teal toes. the foirnd carey fitsmorris said it is an unusual choice for nail color and when people spot her pedicure, it usually sparks a conversation. that leads to talk about ovarian cancer. september is ovarian cancer awareness month and many nail salons are offering especially priced teal pedicures. when news4 returns, it is not what can yustom agents were expecting. and it's friday. liz is here to answer all your questions. not when the prescr
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out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. the university of maryland university college affiliated with the university of maryland at college park? what is the best way to store your meds? is it safe to get them mailed to
4:44 pm
you? should you cook using hot tap water? it's friday which mean it's time for ask liz. >> you don't know the answer to any of these. >> no, you don't. >> our first question come from assess he'll in daniel alfredsson. she wants to kow if the university college is associated. >> we checked directly with umuc for your answer. it told us that umuc and umd at college park are both part of the university system of maryland which is the system that governs the state university. besides that though, they are not affiliated. umuc has its own president, administration, all separate from the university of maryland at college park. >> same system that runs but totally different administrators. our next question come from betsy who also lives in fredericksburg. is it okay to get her
4:45 pm
prescription in the mail. >> it got hot in the mail. we did check and they said it is important to keep meds out of the heat. especially those gel capsules. they can actually melt. however the biggest concern is humidity. moisture can cause almost any pill to dissolve and then the meds aren't safe to take. make sure your pills are stored away from the bathroom and the kitchen, steam from the shower or cooke can cause both humidity and heat. if would you rather not pick up your medications at a pharmacy, the pharmacists association said getting your meds through the mail can be a safe alternative. some pharmacists mail prescriptions with ice packs so the medications stay cool but it is not necessary for all prescriptions and if you have a question about your specific medication, do talk to your pharmacist or your doctor. i thought that was an interesting question. our last question come from mike. his microwave specifies using hot tap water for certain recipes. he wants to it is safe to use
4:46 pm
hot tap water. >> i love this. we took your question to the environmental protection agency. it said don't use hot tap water for cooke. it says using cold water decreases the amount of lead you could be exposed to from lead pipes. the epa said you can decrease lead concerns even more by running your cold water tap for a minute before using the water. so yeah. cook with cold water, not hot. how about that. if you have a question would you like us to consider, send it to kuo ask liz." coming up, why is diesel fuel more expensive than regular gas? did not used to be. what is the safest way to get rid of old medications and what is the best time of year to buy furniture and appliances. we'll tell you all that on news4 at 5:00. >> excellent. >> we'll keep your seat open. we'll save you a seat. >> thank you. coming up on news4, throwing
4:47 pm
a few back with your co-workers. many warn it a bad idea cox drinking with your boss actually help your career? and a "jersey shore" favorite rejected. find out who shunned him. tonight, tragedy and tribute. how people across the area are honoring the victims of the september 11 terror attacks. targeting distracted drivers. how police in one local county plan to crack down on those of you who text behind the wheel. the redskins take on the cowboys this sunday. tonight the survival guide for football fans to get
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted
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can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters the red zone. and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, you've got competition as daddy's favorite. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v visit
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making headlines in hollywood. the next big hip hop star might be a 9-year-old girl. >> willow smith is the daughter of will smith and jada pink he
4:51 pm
think smith. some are calling her whip my hair a smash hit. ♪ >> some are saying this is just too much for a 9-year-old girl. but she said when you have that sort of talent, there is no such thing as two young. the situation found out rock hard at-bats can't wow the trademark office. the smoking gun obtained a government document showing the patent office denied the "jersey shore" star's right to patent the term "the situation." it seems there is another situation. a memphis retailer has that patent. the patent office is not accepting the situation lawyer's argument that the word "the" is what makes it so unique. tonight celebrities stand up to cancer. brian williams will join katie
4:52 pm
couric to host the third annual telethon. it raises money for cancer research and education. the long list of celebrity guests include george cluny, gwynneth paltrow and denzel washington. it has raised more than $100 million for cancer research since its launch in 2008. you can watch it at 8:00 here on nbc 4. >> we should go have a drink. >> i would love one. can we go now? i'll drive. there. but i won't drive back. >> drinking and work they say doesn't mix. it turns out having a drink with your co-workers, even your boss, could be beneficial to your career. >> we'll tell you why this is illegal and why these guys had even hurt our economy if they're allowed in
4:53 pm
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over the labor day weekend customs officials at dulles stopped a man after he tried to import some exotic creatures. these 14 giant exotic snails were in his bag. each are about the size of a child's fist them believe he was bringing them in as food. these giant snails are illegal in the u.s. they have the ability to wipe out crops. the traveller was not fined but the snails were destroyed. are you about to head out to
4:56 pm
happy hour? you might want to meet up with someone from work. >> that's right. new information that links drinking with co-workers or even with the boss can actually be good for your career. >> reporter: if you tend to turn down happy hour drink invitations from co-workers, you might want to reconsider. according to organizational psychologist, there are several poe tech benefits to socializing with office mates. >> typically the more we get to know people the more we interact with them, the more we can see that we have common values. then the more emotional attachment we may gain to those people and the organization. >> reporter: interacting outside the office also allows employees to better understand each other inside the office. >> we go out and have a beer with somebody. if there is an issue in the office, it won't be that passive aggressive leaving a note for somebody and saying this isn't okay. >> my employees feel very comfortable approaching me about new ideas they have because of the fact we act like friends
4:57 pm
outside of work. >> once they get to know you outside the office, inside the office they are more comfortable in telling you, hey, there is a problem with this. they don't hide it. they just come to you and tell you because they feel there is an emotional bond. >> if i listened to my co-workers, i would have been angry and left a long time ago. >> reporter: although there are benefits to socializing with your co-workers outside the office, there are potential pit falls. even though you're in an informal viral, keep it professional. >> you have to go back and work with them the next day. keeping in mind you're not out there with your good buddies and your bffs but rather with your co-workers is highly recommended. >> to maximize the benefits of socializing with colleagues, the professor recommend talking about work and what's happening in the office. talking about yourself. keep it to information about co-workers and not drinking too much.
4:58 pm
>> we could be bffs too. washington ranks second among cities for the best happy hour. to find out how we earned this ranking, go to tonight on "nightly news," the reason you're seeing this picture. seven lessons from work to the classroom. what new thing your child may be learning in school this year. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight the florida pastor that promised to burn muslim holy book on the anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks is backing off at least for now. >> good evening. the threatened koran burning in florida tomorrow will not happen. that is the latest word from the pastor behind the threat.
4:59 pm
john schriffen has the latest. >> reporter: earlier today pastor terry jones set a deadline for the meeting to occur. it fathers burning is still off. -- it appears the burning is still off. muslims in northern virginia are praying for their holy day of ease which mark the end of ramadan, a month of fafsting. this year it is the day reverend jones from florida threatened to burn the koran. >> i think it is wrong that you're coming to somebody else's religion and trying to burn the koran. >> reporter: yesterday reverend jones promised to back down on the condition he meet with the imam who plans to build a mosque near ground zero. >> at this time we have not heard fth

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